The Smith Undergraduate Student Association (SUSA)’s mission statement:

SUSA’s mission is to amplify the student voice, provide opportunities for personal and professional development, and empower students to shape their Smith undergraduate experience.

In order to achieve this mission, SUSA relies on its 4 pillars:

  1. Academic Dialogue

    SUSA strives to understand and communicate the perspectives of students in the Smith undergraduate community to administration and faculty.

  2. Smith Clubs

    SUSA supports and collaborates with Smith’s student run clubs, which are an integral part in forming a community within Smith. Each club has its own unique focus that allows students to explore majors, career paths, cultures, and other affinities.

  3. Dynamic Community

    Through our Smith-wide events and collaborative opportunities, SUSA creates an interconnected network within our diverse student community. We empower students to create impact and take ownership of their undergraduate experience.

  4. Professional Discovery

    SUSA provides students with the tools and opportunities necessary to connect with employers through its partnership with Smith clubs and the office of career services.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns on anything relating to SUSA, please contact Zachary Azrael, the current SUSA President.


SUSA Structure

The SUSA Leadership Team is comprised of the Executive Board, including the President, VP of Administration, VP of Finance, VP of Events, and VP of Marketing, Director of Involvement, Director of Community Service, Director of Fundraising, Director of Social Programming, and Director of Technology. Most of these executive board members have committee members who help to aide in their duties and increase student involvement with the SUSA leadership process.