Welcome to SUSA! SUSA stands for the Smith Undergraduate Student Association. What does SUSA do? SUSA serves four different roles within the Smith School:

  1. SUSA is the undergraduate student governing organization within the Robert H. Smith School of Business. SUSA currently houses 25 different academic and affinity based organizations underneath its “umbrella”. SUSA helps finance, market, and plan events for its member organizations.
  2. The SUSA Assembly: the voice of the undergraduate community. The SUSA Assembly is essentially a senate-like feedback module that enacts change within the Business School by crafting legislation to Smith School administration. Joining the SUSA Assembly is the easiest way to get involved in SUSA and make an impact within Smith.
  3. SUSA also puts on its own events and school-wide initiates such as the SUSA New York City Trip, SmithStock, and the annual Alumni Networking reception.
  4. SUSA is involved with leadership development in working to enhance student’s ability to motivate and lead others. This is accomplished through the SUSA Assembly

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns on anything relating to SUSA, please contact Zachary Azrael, the current SUSA President.


SUSA Structure

The SUSA Leadership Team is comprised of the Executive Board, including the President, VP of Administration, VP of Finance, VP of Events, and VP of Marketing, Director of Involvement, Director of Community Service, Director of Fundraising, Director of Social Programming, and Director of Technology. Most of these executive board members have committee members who help to aide in their duties and increase student involvement with the SUSA leadership process.