Club Executive FAQ

How much funding can we receive each semester?

SUSA is allocated $5,000 each semester by the Smith School to distribute among its member organizations. This funding is intended for support, and not a club’s main source of funding. Please keep this in mind when submitting funding requests and planning events.

All clubs have the opportunity to receive funding from SUSA to support events, meetings, and activities. For information about your club’s funding, check out our Club funding request forms at or reach out to our VP of finance at

Additionally, SUSA clubs that meet University of Maryland SGA requirements will be eligible to receive up to $1,500 per semester. Applications must be filed with the SGA and through OrgSync. For more details, see

How do we place orders for food?

To place orders for food with SUSA funds, please send a request to our VP of finance at a week in advance.

For order with club funds, see requirements for respective vendors.

See page 22 of the SUSA handbook for more information.

Is there a way we can get extra/special funding for an event?

Yes. To receive additional funding, submit a request to our VP of finance at which will be reviewed.

If an organization is not satisfied with the funding allocation, the club’s VP of finance can arrange with the SUSA President, VP of Finance, or Club Consultant.

Are there any fundraising opportunities to help us raise funds?

Dues: clubs can collect dues from members to raise additional funding, but will be ineligible from University SGA funding.

Clubs operate as non-profits and can engage in fundraising opportunities around campus from donations to partnering with restaurants (Blaze, Chipotle, Panda Express, etc.) to raise money.

If you have any questions or want to find out information about SUSA fundraisers, reach out to our fundraising chair at

How is funding distributed?

SUSA provides funding to recognized clubs and is distributed contingent on approval of club budgets submitted to at the beginning of each semester. No funding requests will be approved until this is submitted.

How can I reserve a room for my events?

To reserve a room, reach out to our Administrative chair at You must contact the Administrative chair at least two weeks in advance. Rooms are available on a request basis so make sure to reach out ASAP.

What rooms are currently available?

To see what rooms are available and their details, see our guide to Smith rooms.

What items are provided in each room? What should we do if we need tech support?

Each classroom in VMH is equipped with the following:

1) Easy to use touch panel control on Instructor Desk

2) “Call for Assistance” button located in touch panel control

3) A networked computer with high speed internet access

4) Ceiling mounted projector

5) AV rack with DVD, VCR, and installed sound system

6) Laptop interface jack

7) Document camera (similar to an overhead projector)

8) Campus cable TV

9) Wireless internet access for student laptops

If you need AV support during an event, press the “call for assistance” button on the touch screen or call 301-405-5213. If you are having a major event and wish to request full AV support, there will be a charge for these services. Visit for more information.

Where can I have club executive board meetings?

Each SUSA club has access to the SUSA meeting room in the basement once a week. This is a great place to have executive meetings to coordinate events and club activities. For information and access, reach out to

Events & Marketing
Can SUSA help us promote an event?

Yes, SUSA can help to create marketing materials, provide newsletter access, and assist with promoting events. Reach out to our VP of Marketing at for more details and to submit events for our newsletter.

How can we get our information onto the TV screens?

Create slide with the event’s title, date, time, location, sponsor, and Smith logo in PowerPoint. 

Email PPT slide to SUSA VP of Marketing at by Wednesday at 4 PM before the week you want it posted (flyers will be posted for a maximum of 2 weeks for a standard event, 4 weeks for a signature event) 

VP of Marketing will send to the Plasma coordinator

Are we allowed to post and/or hand out flyers?

Yes. However, all flyers that are posted or handed out in Van Munching Hall must have:

1. Event Title

2. Event Date and Time

3. Event Location

4. Event’s Sponsor

5. Smith School Logo

Flyers may only be posted within the kiosks or on the bulletin boards. At no time can a flyer (or any other object) be posted to the walls of any classroom, hallway, bathroom, elevator, doors, furniture, or any other area. 

Flyers may not be posted on the outside walls or sidewalks of Van Munching Hall and may not be taped to the doors of Van Munching Hall. 

Flyers can be passed out to students in the hallways and in classrooms (with professor’s permission), but the member organization must clean up any loose flyers toward the end of the day to help the Housekeeping Staff. 

Leaving materials unattended on a surface to be picked up is considered littering, not distribution

See page 17 of the SUSA handbook for more details.

Club Growth and Partnerships
How can I get help from SUSA to grow our club?

SUSA wants to provide your club with support to be the best it can be. The best way to get help from SUSA is to reach out to your designated Club Consultant.

How can I work with other clubs to grow awareness?

Partnering with other clubs is a great way to build membership, host bigger events, and promote your club. The best way to look for potential sponsorships is to reach out to a club’s executive board directly, but you can also contact your designated SUSA Club Consultant for assistance.

What clubs are looking for sponsorships?

Partnering with other clubs is a great way to build membership, host bigger events, and promote your club. The best way to look for potential sponsorships is to reach out to a club’s executive board directly, but you can also contact your designated SUSA Club Consultant for assistance.

What programs can I sponsor with at Smith?

Center for Complexity in Business 

Center for Digital Innovation, Technology and Strategy (DIGITS) 

Center for Excellence in Service (CES) 

Center for Financial Policy (CFP) 

Center for Health Information & Decision Systems (CHIDS) 

Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) 

Center for Leadership, Innovation and Change (CLIC) Center for Social Value Creation (CSVC)

 Center for the Study of Business Ethics, Regulation, and Crime (C-BERC) 

Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship 

Ed Snider Center for Enterprise 

Markets Supply Chain Management Center

What are my requirements for each semester?

Attend 75% of mandatory SUSA meetings

Hold eight events per semester, including two professional events and one community service event

Turn in an End of Semester report each semester

Follow all SUSA policies and procedures

How many executive boards can I be on?

There are no restrictions on the number of executive boards you can serve on.

Do I have to attend SUSA meetings?

Yes. As detailed in the SUSA handbook, club executives need to attend SUSA events and meetings throughout the year. These include:

1. Presidents’ Meetings—Club President or representative

2. SUSA Assembly—At least two representatives 

How do I earn points for my clubs?

Your club can earn points by hosting various events, participation with SUSA, and partnering with various organizations. For the full list of potential events to earn points, check out

What events is SUSA having?

SUSA has a variety of events planned throughout the year including Business Week, SUSA Assemblies, and other special events. To stay up to date, make sure to follow us on Facebook

How do I get on the SUSA newsletter?

To submit your own marketing materials to our SUSA newsletter, reach out to our VP of Marketing at

Did You Know?

Each club has their own mailbox at Smith where they can receive mail, and register their address!

Each club has access to the SUSA closet. Up to two club executive members can gain access and store club materials and gain access to tables.