SUSA Awards Night

On May 9th, SUSA put on its annual awards night to celebrate the successes and accomplishments of the great leaders at Smith. Congratulations to all who were nominated for awards – we have all felt your impact in the Smith community. Special shoutouts to the recipients of the awards of the night!

Oustanding Freshman: Zachary Azrael
Outstanding Sophomore: Jonathan Galitzer
Outstanding Junior: Rachel Hobble
Outstanding Senior: Mike Barnett
Club Board Member of the Year: Alex Jerome
SUSA Board Member of the Year: Gopal Srinivasan
Club Event of the Year: Being Black in Corporate America
Club President of the Year: Mike Barnett
Club Advisor of the Year: Professor Whitney
SUSA Cup: terpAMA
SUSA Legacy Award: Christopher Riggs, Mimi Verdonk, Bria Sladden, Gopal Srinivasan
SUSA Committee Member of the Year: Samantha Malenab

Thank you to Tommy Piantone for the amazing photos!