“Smith in the City – New York” Spotlight 2: Juliette Carnevale

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The Smith in the City trip allows Smith students to gain initial exposure to various companies and business cultures. In the fall, students can travel to NYC for two full days of networking and company visits in the spring while the spring trip takes the students to D.C. for one jam-packed Friday. Students are split up into eight tracks based on career interests: Accounting, Business Analytics, Consulting, Fashion, Finance, Entrepreneurship, International Business, and Marketing. Each track visits their own unique set of companies to ensure the students explore a variety of fields that closely align with their career goals, meet and network with professionals and Smith alumni, and gain relevant insights into the lives of business professionals.

Students can participate in the trip as a regular attendee, or they can apply to become a track leader. Taking on a seven-month commitment, each track leader reaches out to relevant companies to coordinate site visits, helps students engage with employers during presentations, and guides attendees through the networking process.

Juliette Carnevale, a senior marketing and information systems major, led the Smith in the City: New York Marketing track last year.


Juliette Carnevale


“Being a track leader, I was the point of contact for all companies I attempted to acquire for visits,” says Juliette. “It taught me how to hold myself accountable for the entire Smith school and speak in a professional and mature manner.”

Juliette’s biggest piece of advice for students hoping to be track leaders is to be prepared. Tracks usually visit three companies, but Juliette urges track leaders to plan four visits.

“Things come up for companies who put you in their schedule, so possible cancellations should always be in the back of your head,” she advises. “Although visiting four companies has the potential to be tiring for your group, they’ll get more exposure and definitely get to visit at least three companies.”

One of the most valuable parts of the trip is getting to experience the unique culture of each company.

“The trip has exposed me to so many differing types of offices and helped me understand the type of environment I’d like to work in,” Juliette reflects. “From my many experiences in the trip, I’ve visited very corporate, structured offices, large agencies and smaller creative agencies. It’s so helpful seeing these cultures first hand to narrow in on what feels most like home to you.”

Smith in the City: New York 2018 will take place from Thursday, Oct. 25thto Friday, Oct. 26th. Applications open on September 9th, 2018 so look out! Follow SUSA on Facebook and Instagram for more information.