The Art and Science of the Interview

By September 17, 2018 No Comments

SUSA’S “Acing the Interview” was a thoughtful event on the ins and outs of excelling in the interview process. Employers from Amazon, IBM, EY, Gallo Winery, AT&T, and Geico gave in depth knowledge on various interview types, from informational to case interviews. Students also got firsthand tips on how to interact with employers at career fairs. The event consisted of constructing strong elevator pitches that tied to a key theme and future goal, which led to insightful peer coaching and facilitated feedback.

The most compelling advice was from the Office of Career Services’, Patricia Reich, who emphasized the importance of storytelling in an interview. She noted how there is a “profound human need to grasp patterns of living.” And she’s right. Hard skills may be the requirement for the job, but soft skills and stories of leadership and value are what will get you the job.

Participants were thus tasked with “telling a time when leadership made a difference,” using the SAR method: Situation. Action. Result, to refine and improve our stories when taking part in behavioral interviews. Shawn Cox, Business Development Manager of Gallo Winery, said the most necessary thing is to “sell yourself, have a great smile, do your homework on the company, and to enter each interview knowing you’re a rockstar.” I couldn’t agree more.

Undergraduate student, Sadia Alao, 2020, Marketing and Theater, writes about “Acing the Interview”, held on September 04, 2018, at Van Munching Hall.