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SUSA Exec Board Applications are Open! – Faaiq Zarger, Vice President of Technology

By October 24, 2018 No Comments

Today, applications for SUSA’s executive board open for all positions—President, and Vice Presidents of Administration, Community, Events, Finance, Fundraising, Marketing, Professional Affairs, Service, Strategy & Operations, and Technology. As Team 2018 prepares to pass the torch, executive board member Faaiq Zarger reflects on his time as VP of Technology.

“The community that you surround yourself with is extremely important to SUSA and I think it’s why I applied in the first place,” Zarger reflects. “I met a lot of people who were involved in SUSA … I really liked [who] those people were and I wanted to become more like those people.”

Zarger was drawn to SUSA for the community, but he gained much more than a network of people.“I’ve learned a lot of teamwork skills, I’ve learned a lot of leadership skills, and I’ve learned how to collaborate and communicate effectively, and that’s helped very much in the professional spacebecause you need to be able to do that to be successful.”

Throughout his term, Zarger’s most proud accomplishment is how he and his committee members redesigned the website. “Being able to do something I had never done, which is website work in general – I literally had no idea what to do when we first started,” he laughed. “It was definitely a Herculean task.”

SUSA provides opportunities to push yourself to new limits alongside people who will support you. Zarger describes, “[SUSA has] helped me a lot in terms of being able to branch out, and just having a network of people to support me and people to look up to in terms of how to conduct myself in the future.”



Zarger advises future SUSA members to build relationships with other executive members to gain their trust, do your job successfully, and get the most of out of SUSA. Zarger explains that, “thebiggest thing about SUSA is how diverse it is in terms of the tasks that it provides, but also the people [are diverse].”

Further, Zarger encourages that, “There is a place for everyone in SUSA, because there are so many different types of committees and there are so many different types of tasks within eachcommittee.” Along with the executive board, there are many positions within each committee thatserve diverse interests. Zarger continues that, “you don’t want to confine yourself necessarily to any stereotype that you might have for one committee.”

When asked why he believes other students should run for the SUSA executive board, Zarger reflects on his experience, the skills developed, and the friendships built. “If you want to find acommunity of people that are high achieving, will push you to do more, and will gain youopportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t have had,” Zarger continues, “and also, in my opinionthe most important thing, will give you friendships that you otherwise wouldn’t have had, SUSAis the perfect place.”

The executive board application is open until Sunday, October 28th. Apply here!