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SUSA Exec Board Applications are Open! – Jared Remien, Vice President of Administration

By October 27, 2018 No Comments

Today, applications for SUSA’s executive board open for all positions—President, and Vice Presidents of Administration, Community, Events, Finance, Fundraising, Marketing, Professional Affairs, Service, Strategy & Operations, and Technology. As Team 2018 prepares to pass the torch, executive board member Jared Remien reflects on his time as VP of Administration.

“I’ve been surrounded by a lot of bright, talented people, especially on the executive board, thatreally want to help Smith,” Jared Remien, Vice President of Administration, described about his time in SUSA. “It’s helped me realize that, you know, you live in a culture – it’s not just a businessschool.”

Remien continued to describe the culture of SUSA, “It’s about giving back to the students; giving back to a lot of the different clubs and organizations, so personally it’s helped me realize that we’renot just here for four years to get through school – we’re here for four years to give back to the community of Smith.” For Remien, the culture of SUSA has shaped his experience in the Smithschool and created an opportunity to impact the community.

In past semesters, the point system for SUSA organizations has had many issues, so Remien and the Administration Committee worked hard to improve it. They noticed that the point system had“been a problem for the past 3-4 years,” and that, “a lot of people had said that it was too focusedon professionalism.” As a team, they “built up a few different opportunities and talked to almost every single club president under their umbrella, and they came up with a new system.” This endeavor took creativity and hard work, and this is the first semester that it has been implemented, but Remien believes that it will be much more successful now than it has been previously.


The projects that Remien has lead and worked on throughout his term has given him valuable experience and exemplary stories to tell in interviews. Remien explained that in interviews, “SUSA has always been a talking point. I can always talk about projects that I’ve worked on [and] my leadership qualities, especially within my committee, working with a fantastic executive board.”

Further, SUSA has led Remien to internships, “I have met probably most of the people who have helped me get internships through SUSA.” He continued, “As VP of Administration you have totalk to almost every single club president on a daily basis for good and for worse. You get to know these people pretty well and it gets to the point where you’re just like waving to all these people in the hallways.”

As Remien reflected on the overall impact SUSA has had on him personally, he realized that the relationships he built with people in SUSA and in Smith largely contributed to that, “They want to help you, and you want to help them, and it’s just a really great feeling, you know?”

Remien reiterates the impact of the friendships he has built through SUSA when giving advice tothe 2019 SUSA Executive Board. “Be open to making as many relationships as possible relativeto the actual networking aspect of the position – that’s definitely one of the bigger things that I got out of it.”

His second piece of advice was more specific to the 2019 VP of Administration, “Number two, I would say don’t be afraid to, in lack of better words, lay down the law when it comes to talking toclub presidents, administration, even within the organization itself and the executive board.” Remien added, “While you do want to form these fantastic relationships, you do need to do your job and sometimes, or at points, you’re going to have to lay down the law.”

Remien started his term thinking that SUSA would be a strong position to put on his resume, andadmittedly he “was not expecting anything that [he has] learned by coming into this position.”Now, as Remien is nearing the end of his term as VP of Administration, he believes that as amember of the SUSA Executive Board, “For one you’ll be surrounded by very talented people, and number two, you will develop professional and personal skills within the business school thatyou never thought possible.”

The executive board application is open until Sunday, October 28th. Apply here!