Business Week Event 1 – Career Fair 101: Know Your Major

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Major Spoilers to Knowing Your Major

Undergraduate student, Sadia Alao, writes about Career Fair 101: Know Your Major, held on Feb. 4, 2019, hosted by SUSA

SUSA’s Business Week kicked off with a knowledge-filled workshop on the ins and outs of knowing your major and what that encompasses.

Students were given the opportunity to split up into different groups based on their major, and understand the basics on getting the most out of a career fair experience.

Workshops were also led by students, making the experience all the more relatable. One workshop, led by David Rosenstein, a marketing and management double major at the Smith School, dealt with different types of marketing and what to expect at the Career Fair.

Major tips David emphasized were:

  1. It’s okay to ask about technical terms to recruiters and how those technical aspects relate to their role. An example would be: “What part of CAD software does the marketing internship touch upon?”
  2. Do not dismiss internships that aren’t based on your desired industry! Marketing majors don’t dismiss non-marketing internships, finance majors don’t dismiss non-finance companies, etc.!
  3. Do research and connect with alumni on LinkedIn.

Students gained information on topics such as media planning, brand strategy, and social media  as well as strong buzzwords to utilize when speaking with employers. According to Glassdoor, “hiring managers are alert to certain words and phrases that convey knowledge of the position, and convey confidence.”

Students also went through an overview of the RHSmith Career Fair app, how to best research companies, and strong questions to ask recruiters.

All of this was topped off by catering from Auntie Anne’s! YUM. Useful information to further our careers and warm, freshly baked pretzels? Honestly, what’s better than that!